Art on Display - Sample Galleries

Seletcing the right piece of art to enhance, inspire, entertain, and provoke thought and discussion is based on each client's goals. To meet a wide variety of needs, Earth-Life Studios maintains an extensive multi-genre library of unique images for purchase, to include under exclusive  use (one-of-a-kind) license. We are also available for comissioned works.  Please contact us for a free consultation.

We work with professional labs specializing in fine art printing on specialty papers, canvas, metal, and glass.  We also work with commercial printers to create banners, wall-sized posters, and corporate brochures. 


Bring a sense of vastness to your space with large landscapes.


A triptych is usually a work of art in three panels or with borders between the same image adding a classic touch to any room. 

Large Framed Works

Fill any wall space with large framed or unframed works.

Pairing Images

Mix and match image and framing types for a look and style unique to you and your space.

Special Collections Documentation

Professional documentation for privately-held or museum collections for display, insurance, or publication.

Standard-sized Framed Works

Art provides that finished touch to any room or space.

Plank-sized Unframed Works

Complete any workspace with art that speaks with personality.

Office Space Prints

Decorate your office space with prints that complement yet stand out.

Commericial Wall Art

Enhance your customer's experience by adding a touch of elegence.

Showcase your business by displaying images of your product line.

Decorate your business with art that compliments your mission and goals and entertains clientele.

Add some color to an empty wall to stimulate conversation and inspire creativity.

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