Vintage Image Services

Digitization Service

Earth-Life Studios offers a digitizing service for clients with hard copy vintage photographs and, in some cases, documents. We consult with clients to establish any special needs to include in-home services, forming digital libraries, adding metadata to each image, and selecting the desired electronic medium (e.g., thumbdrive, CD/DVD, or cloud-based application, etc.) to store the images.  In addition to providing the best resolution/dpi possible, we will also provide "web-friendly" (lower resolutions) copies. Prior to digitization, we carefully remove any surface dust and debris using a hand air pump and special photographic cloth.  No chemicals are used.

Digital Restoration Services

Digital restoration services includes a non-chemical cleaning (a light dusting using photographic cloth) to remove surface dust and debris before digitizing.  Once digitized, we use professional photographic editing software tools to reduce visible water damage, fill-in missing details from tears and folds, and remove visible impurities from the film processing such as lint and debris. 

This service does not correct imprefections caused by the image processing of the time (e.g., noise and grain, fuzzy focus, etc.), but we make an effort to improve the quality of the image through photo editing techniques. We are also selective in the corrective restorations we make to limit the amount of twenty-first century impacts on the vintage processes that give older photographs their charm.  For example, we do not slim down nor enhance any individuals, nor will we "add" objects nor replace scenary other than as described above. The below highlights some of the restoration process with a ca 1920 image showing visible signs of damage (left) and what it looks like with selective restoration (right).


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